The Royal Wedding....

   Since it was one of the most anticipating weddings at least of this decade I must say it was quiet traditional and wonderful. I watched the coverage on YouTube and got a bit emotional and sentimental, weddings tend to bring such emotions upon us.
   Kate Middleton was beautiful and courageous as she was  gracefully escorted to her Prince. Her gown was incredible especially the lace top and a form fitting bodice with a long train and a veil almost as radiant as the new Princess herself.  
   The country seemed like they were happy with this union and gathered to watch the newly wed couple waive to them from the Buckingham Palace's balcony and witness a short but effective first public kiss after their ceremony. She seemed like a natural, alongside her parent, proud of their daughter and Prince William's side was rejoicing as well as the Queen herself stood in the corner to give the couple their well deserved spot in the limelight.
   I want to know everything. What are their plans now that they are official royalty together? How many kids do they want and when are they going to begin trying? Two beautiful and now powerful people have joined their forces to rule and win the fan base of their country. Many support their mature decision to wait and make sure that Kate was the one and that she will be ready once the time comes even though at one point in time it seemed that it would never happen to the "Waity Katy" - oh but how were all those non believers and jealous people were wrong. Nothing can stand in the way of True Love - Or rather - very appropriate true love and as it was pointer out by the news commentators "Kate chose this, she made the decision to become a part of the Royal Family, while William had no choice in the matter".
   One only wishes the best for those two, a happy and bright future to the two people in love.