G-Thing a Reality TV Show. Get to Know the Family more Intimately on FUSE TV.

G-Thing follows an Italian-American rapper and his larger-than-life family as they try to launch their first “family-style” run hip-hop label

If you would like to meet the cast of G-Thing you can attend  
G-Thing Viewing Partyon August 24 at 9pm. 
The cast will be in the Bronx, at LaCasa Grande Cigars- 2344 Arthur avenue, Bronx, NY 10458.

Tracketeering Music. Viewers will get an inside look at G Fella, along with his unrestrained and crazy relatives, as they do everything they can to achieve musical stardom.

Meet the Cast: Knuckles

G Fella's bodyguard gives the lowdown 
on how he got his nickname
and how his hometown made him tough as nails
July 15, 2013
Mikey Knuckles: Tall, Dark and Full of Sexy. This man is the head of security and G-Fella's personal body guard. Do not let this man fool you, he is not just the muscle of the crew, he knows how to make everyone laugh.


Appropriately named, Knuckles is the muscle of the group. Yeah, he may lose his temper every now and then, but he’s always there to support his guys.