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Alphabet Boys - The Web Series

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Everybody needs a little AB in the City... and sometimes D!! Ever wonder what “The Golden Girls” would look like if they were thirty-something men in modern day New York City?? Us too!! Two Gays and a Straight Productions is excited to launch our new web series Alphabet Boys starring Amos Wolff, Adam Perry, Chad Ackerman, and Joey Sorge; with co-stars Jenna Wolfe (NBC's Today) and Diane Neal (Law and Order: SVU, NCIS, Suits, The Following). We plan to produce a cutting edge web series that is the contemporary brother to classics like “Sex and the City” and “The Golden Girls” by introducing several characters to the forefront of episodic storytelling, some of whom just happen to be gay. It’s simply a part of who they are, not what they are. What makes this show unique? These characters are not defined by their sexuality, be it gay or straight. They'll draw you in with their personality, character and individual perspectives on life. Alphabet Boys is a bold and fresh comedic web-series revolving around four guys navigating the struggles of life in the Big Apple: Love, friendship and finding the ever-elusive Mr. Right. The show takes place in Alphabet City, where Dante, Blake and Ross suddenly find themselves with a new house-guest when Stefano shows up at their door. Three gay men under one roof is dramatic enough, but add a straight one with extra baggage to the mix and you have Season One of Alphabet Boys! This season brings fun filled shenanigans during excursions through the city, pool parties, broadway shows, bad dates and personal drama between the boys. With complementary, yet completely opposite personalities, there's never a dull moment with these four!

Dante: A university teacher’s assistant and native New Yorker, Dante's dry, quick witted, and sarcastic personality shines. He purchased a 3BR condo during the economic downturn with his savings in Manhattan's Alphabet City. Blake and Ross are his roommates and best friends. Blake: A native Mid-westerner, Blake was born into an affluent family in Chicago; he currently works as a buyer in the fashion world in Manhattan. We know very little about Blake's upbringing given his privacy when it comes to matters that are up close and personal. Except when it comes to sex... Blake is very free spirited, and happy to share, when it comes to getting action. Ross: The naive airhead known for his humorously peculiar stories of life growing up in St. Cloud with his five siblings. Ross, an aspiring actor, came to NYC to get his big break, he works as an extra in TV and film as well taking any odd job that comes his way to pay the rent. Stefano: Dante's older brother. He’s going through some turmoil with his wife, Macy, and has moved out to give himself some space. This All-American jock married his high school sweetheart at the prime of his athletic career. Unfortunately, things took a turn when he was injured losing his chance at the pros. Add an extended family of friends and this is a series not to be missed! David Waldron and Tony Behringer conceived the idea over a year and a half ago when they worked together at a casting office. After many long (and delirious nights) the idea began to come to life. David and Tony realized they were on to something and they reached out to Abby Emmett, the third member of the creative team. Abby turned the concept into into a tangible story and Alphabet Boys was born. All three co-creators have extensive backgrounds in the entertainment industry: David and Tony are currently working in TV and film casting in New York City and Abby is a writer with a decade of television production experience in both New York and LA.


Meet Our Alphabet Boys:
And Meet Some of our Supporting Cast:

Alphabet Boys Season One has been specifically designed for the web: eight episodes about fifteen minutes each. We've shot the pilot episode – funded 100% out of pocket – and want nothing more than to produce the rest of the series! We knew it was best to start the creative process via the Web to retain the creative control we wanted. Once we had the first few episodes ready to go, the fun part started -- casting all the characters, hiring a great crew, and finding the perfect locations for each and every scene. Many exhausting -- but rewarding hours later, we finally made it to our first day of shooting: July 20, 2014! We now have a finished pilot that we can’t wait to share with all of you! 


 It takes a lot of hard working people to make a show look great. We have assembled a fantastic team who are happy to put in the necessary hours and endure the crazy conditions, but they need to get paid. We are in need of $140,000 to complete Season One. The money we raise will be used to pay actors, crew members, rent equipment, procure locations, get permits to film, get the rights to art and music, edit the show... the list goes on and on! Below is a breakdown of exactly where the monies will go. These figures are episodic, so multiply by 7 to get the season totals.

Below is a breakdown of exactly where the monies will go. 
These figures are episodic, so multiply by 7 to get the season totals.
We are not asking for this money so we can pocket it and run away, we yearn to produce something we can ALL be very proud of.  

We believe wholeheartedly that this is show that NEEDS to be made.  So much so that we have not paid ourselves a penny, nor do we plan to this season.  20% of our proceeds get deducted off the top: 10% to fulfill rewards that we send our fans for contributing and another 10% for Indiegogo and banking transactions.  
We have an amazing cast and crew, fantastic story-lines, and the backdrop of the best city on the planet to shoot it all in, now we just need you! 

If we do go over our goal, we plan on putting your contributions to good use: 
  1. We'll be donating 5% of every dollar over our goal to Rocky Ridge Animal Rescue.  This fantastic organization rescues ANY animal that's in need no matter the kind, heath status or age. We're honored to associate with them.
  2. We'll put more money into the location, equipment and wardrobe budgets to bring to life exactly what's on the page and not have to worry (as much) about budgetary constraints.
  3. We'll have money to start developing and, hopefully, producing season 2!

There are plenty of ways to help without a financial donation too!
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Most importantly, we want to thank everyone for your support.  Every dollar, retweet, like, comment, and share helps.  This journey is only just beginning and we want to take you along with us on it, we are very excited to get to bring you the first season of Alphabet Boys! 

Risks and challenges
Making an independent production is a huge challenge, it’s very important to surround yourself with a great team that are all sharing in the vision of the project, which we have been fortunate enough to have.  We want to succeed and make the most out of our budget which is our greatest challenge to date.
Again, we have come up with some great rewards for you guys that we're so excited to release with this campaign.  And if there is something you feel you would like to see, contact us, we love interacting with our fans! 
A Few Disclaimers about Rewards: 
Delivery dates are estimates only and some reward levels contain items with multiple availability dates. Our schedule is subject to change but we will keep you informed.
Shooting schedule, parties, and events will be held in New York City. You’ll be responsible for your own transportation and accommodations but we will make sure you have a great time!
Additional paperwork may be required to fulfill some of the rewards.  For example, appearances on camera or mentions onscreen require signed legal agreements for your protection and ours.
You must be over 18 to appear on camera and/or attend any of our parties or events.

Help make it happen
for Alphabet Boys - The Web Series and the team!