BEA - Book Expo of America, A Photographic Journey

BEA - Book Expo of America, A Photographic Journey - by Anna Kuchma

     As you wonder into the convention hall of endless books that are not available in stores yet, you think you walked into a paradise of knowledge filled with some very creative individuals who wrote them. It is not simply a chance to look at the new but to also reminisce about the old and find the writers you've admired your whole life, it's a dream come true for some of us fans. As you walk through the isles of knowledge and wisdom you are able to absorb the atmosphere presented to you and get that inside your soul to be closer to the things that matter.
     I had the pleasure to approach many authors who were at the expo and ask them questions that i wanted to know the answers to, and i was always met with a smile first. So my memories are pleasant and i still have a warm feeling when i think about those encounters. It is a bit nerve wrecking to come and talk to them for a minute but then it subsides and you are able to communicate what's on your mind and ask questions about their current book. Here are some of the pics of the Authors i met.

By: Anna Kuchma & Dennis Kisilyov